Sunday, January 3, 2010

AFG Winter Show @ United States Art Authority

The Austin Figurative Gallery had an opening party tonight, which included some figurative painting sessions during the event. A Sunday night opening - late for this mom - but I dragged myself out to get a look at the work this dynamic group creates.
I've always been in impressed with the work and was glad to have gone tonight to see it. There isn't a lot of work hung, and the crowd was thin but the paintings and drawings demonstrate skill and creativity. Some paintings were just the merest gestural sketches probably from short poses. Some were more fully realized. All are exciting.
As I had my 6 yr old in tow, I didn't stay long. (yes, that was me)
And I don't know all the artists whose work I am sharing here. But check out this group, join their weekly figure sessions and enjoy their art.

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dragonwithin said...

You are right. This is a conglomeration of variegated styles of one subject, showing the different artistic perspectives of several talented artists. I have noticed that most of them are expressionists. But on the whole, their works make for one stunning show of artistry.