Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IN BLOOM @ Gallery Shoal Creek

An Installation FLORA ARTE + FINE ART
Pictures and comments by JB.

The floral works were beautiful and on the whole complimented the fine art on the wall well. It featured the floral designs of Benoit Ballon / David Kurio / Jennifer Myers /Mario Gaitan + Keith Burnham / Bonni Taylor who each selected a piece of work from the gallery artists. The stand out artists appeared to be Jennifer Myers who selected the work of Alexey Krasnovsky and Bonni Taylor who chose Melissa J. Craig as her muse for her stunning beautifully delicate piece. However, all the work was of an amazing standard. Unfortunately, my photos do not do justice to these works of art as the opening was very crowded making it hard to photograph and you really must go there to see it yourself. Show hung Aug. 26-29, 2009.

Mario Gaitan and Keith Burnham with the work of Tony Saladino

Jennifer Myers inspired by Alexey Krasnovsky'

Floral artist Jennifer Myers

Bonni Taylor and Melissa J. Craig.

Benoit Ballon and Laurie Frick