Sunday, July 12, 2009

Carol Marine @ Wally Workman

Pictures and comments by RCD.
What can I say about Carol Marine's work? Her style is unique and fresh. She gives the still life life! Wonderful brushwork and color combine to make paintings that glow. Quirky titles and engaging compositions make the art more appealing. Good to see some sales during this recession time - I'd suggest getting some of Carol's work now, because her prices are really quite reasonable for her talent and popularity. Her show hangs from July 11 - August 6.

Upstairs, don't miss the nonrepresentational works of Suzanne Lewis. The mixed media paintings, reminiscent of mid-century design, are inspired by her artist residency last summer at the Cape Cod National Seashore. The soft coastal colors of sand and sky create a very serene, yet playful tone. Just what memories of the coast should be. The show hangs from July 2 - August 5.



Carol with an admirer.



Very striking wall of art.

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